Orlando Real Estate Watch: Economic Indicators and Rising Mortgage Rates



Good morning, Orlando! In today’s update, we delve into recent economic upheavals including a missed GDP forecast and their repercussions on the real estate market. With mortgage rates potentially climbing back to 8%, we unpack what this means for you whether you’re buying, selling, or just keeping an eye on the market.

Understanding the Economic Indicators:

The morning’s financial reports have delivered a blow with GDP significantly underperforming expectations, marking a slow crawl at a 1.6% increase versus the anticipated 2.5 to 2.9%. This underperformance suggests a cooling economy which could tighten housing market conditions further.

Impact of Rising Mortgage Rates:

Mortgage rates are on the brink of reaching 8%, a level not seen in recent times. This hike is likely to diminish buying power significantly, as every 0.25% increase in rates can cut down potential buying power by thousands of dollars, affecting how much home buyers can afford in the current market.

Market Dynamics and Buyer Power:

Strategies for Buyers and Sellers:

Buyers should be wary of fluctuating interest rates and consider locking in rates where possible. Sellers might need to recalibrate their expectations and pricing strategies to align with the new market realities, potentially considering concessions to close deals in a slower market.


The Orlando real estate market is facing a period of significant change driven by external economic factors. Staying informed and agile in your strategies will be key to navigating this complex landscape. For both buyers and sellers, understanding these dynamics and planning accordingly will be crucial in achieving your real estate goals in the coming months.

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