One-Third of Americans Cite Housing Cost As Their Greatest Financial Worry


🚨 One-Third of Americans Cite Housing Costs as Their Greatest Financial Worry 🏠💰

Hey you! 👋 Yes, YOU. Do housing costs keep you up at night? 😴💤 You're not alone. We're going LIVE to chat about it, and trust me, you'll want to tune in. 🎙️

Listen up. Numbers time! A new Quinnipiac University poll dropped. 📊 Dates? Sept 7-11. They asked adults—1,910 of 'em—what's bugging them most about the economy. And y'all, it's wild. 🤯

49% said, "It's the gas, stupid!" Okay, they didn't say that exactly, but gas and consumer goods? Big worry. 🛒⛽

But get this—34% are tossing and turning over mortgage or rent. 🏠💸 Yep. Housing costs. That’s more than one in three people, folks.

More deets? Sure. January 2023, same poll. Gas and stuff? 48%. Housing? 28%. The worry meter is ticking UP. 📈😱

Economic butterflies in your tummy? 🦋😬 You need to join this LIVE chat. We're breaking it down. The why, the what, and the how to cope. Strategies. Tips. Maybe even some peace of mind. 🤞🙏

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