Mortgage rates poised to improve on 10 Year Treasury Yield Dive!



Mortgage rates poised to improve on 10 Year Bond Yield Dive! Reach out to your lender today and get your updated mortgage rate!!!  Take advantage of this 10 year treasury yield drop.


How the Treasury market has reacted to the news of the consumer price index dropping. And you can see it right here this morning were down nearly 0.264% on the U. S. Treasury. We started the day well above four, roughly about 4.1%. What that translates into your interest rates sitting at 7.25; 7.375 even for an 800 credit score. So today if you are shopping and you have not locked your rate yet, or if your lender has told you that if rates go down, we can lock you in at a lower rate. Today is the day to jump on your lender.