32725 Zip Code, March 2024, Key Real Estate Market Metrics


To enhance your understanding of the current real estate market, let's delve into the crucial metrics and their implications for both buyers and sellers.

Months Supply of Inventory

32725 zip code March 2024 Market trends

Starting with the Months Supply of Inventory, which currently stands at 2.45, this metric is vital for gauging market temperature. Typically, a lower figure denotes a seller's market, suggesting a faster pace of sales compared to listings. Conversely, a higher number signals a buyer's market, where properties linger longer on the market.

Year-Over-Year Increase in Inventory

32725 zip code home inventory march 2024

Next, the Year-Over-Year Increase in Inventory has surged by +66.67%. This substantial rise indicates a significant increase in available properties compared to last year, providing more choices for buyers and potentially easing competition among them.

Median Days on Market

The Median Days on Market is another telling indicator, currently at 23 days. This relatively short period signifies that homes are selling rapidly, likely driven by strong demand or compelling pricing strategies.

List-to-Sold Price Ratio

Furthermore, the List-to-Sold Price Ratio at 99.2% underscores that properties are selling remarkably close to their listed prices, suggesting a robust market condition where sellers have the upper hand in negotiations.

Median Sold Price

32725 zip code median home value

Lastly, with the Median Sold Price set at $310,000, this figure offers a snapshot of the average transaction price in the market, providing a benchmark for both buyers and sellers.

Market Summary

In summary, the presented metrics portray a balanced real estate environment with healthy inventory levels, quick sales turnover, and strong pricing dynamics. It's advisable for both buyers and sellers to engage with a seasoned real estate expert to gain a more nuanced understanding tailored to their specific needs. This professional insight can guide strategic decisions in this dynamic marketplace.

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