Deltona Real Estate Market Update – April 2024



Deltona, Florida, ZIP code 32725, is experiencing a dynamic real estate market as of April 2024. Whether you're looking to buy or sell, these market insights can guide your decisions. Let’s dive into the key statistics and what they mean for you.

Market Overview

Current Inventory and Pricing

🏡 Months Supply of Inventory:
As of April 2024, Deltona has a 2.58 Months Supply of Inventory. This indicator shows the market is leaning towards a balanced state, offering opportunities for both buyers and sellers. A balanced market typically has around six months of supply, so Deltona's current market is still relatively competitive.

📊 List to Sold Price Percentage:
Homes in Deltona are selling at 97.8% of their list price. This high percentage indicates strong demand and minimal negotiation, reflecting a robust market where sellers can expect to sell close to their asking price.

💰 Median Sold Price:
The Median Sold Price for homes in Deltona is $310,000. This figure provides a benchmark for what buyers can expect to pay and what sellers might receive.

Market Dynamics

📈 Yearly Changes:
Over the past 12 months, the Months Supply of Inventory has increased by 115%. This significant rise suggests that more homes are entering the market, giving buyers more options and potentially easing upward pressure on prices.

⏱️ Median Days on Market:
Homes in Deltona are selling fast, with a Median Days on Market of just 14 days. This rapid turnover rate underscores the competitiveness of the market, where properties are quickly attracting buyers.

What This Means for Buyers and Sellers

For Buyers

Now is an excellent time to explore the Deltona real estate market. With the increase in inventory, buyers have more choices and can act swiftly to secure their ideal home. The high List to Sold Price percentage indicates you'll need to make competitive offers to succeed.

For Sellers

The current market conditions are favorable for sellers. The low Median Days on Market and high List to Sold Price percentage suggest that well-priced homes are selling quickly and close to their asking price. If you’ve been considering selling, now might be the perfect time to list your property.

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