Is The C&D About To Take Over The B&B?

You ask what a C&D is?  A Couch and Dinner, invented by Angie Rendo due to the need to help her brother-in-law, Korey.   She invented the C&D as a way to provide him a place to stay while he was searching for his new home.  

We took the time to speak with Angie about how she came up with the C&D idea.

Interviewer: “Angie, how did you come about with the C&D idea?”

Angie: “Well, first off I've got a really large couch and it's really soft and really comfortable.  I often found myself sleeping on it a lot of nights when I had difficulty in my own bed or my husband was snoring so loud, he would shake the walls. So, when my brother-in-law got a new job down here In Lake Mary, we decided to let him stay here. However, we have a small 2-bedroom apartment and really had no place for him to sleep.  We did look at the prices of cots and other solutions, but they were kind of expensive, so we thought, you know, let's just turn the couch into a bed it's super wide and really comfortable.”

Interviewer: “So where does the D for Dinner come in?”

Angie: “Well, to top it off, he doesn't like to eat breakfast. I made breakfast a couple mornings before he went to his new job and he just never ate them.  I asked him, and he said he never eats breakfast. But dinner, that's a whole different story, he loves to eat, and I love to cook.  So, in preparing a dinner for my husband, I would just make an extra big meal so that he got a good dinner, too.  Thus, we came up with ‘couch and dinner’ the ‘C&D’.”

Interviewer: “So, Angie, what tips could you offer to those who would like to help out a family member or make a few extra dollars with their own C&D?”

Angie: “Well probably the biggest one to start with is that you’ve got to have a great couch. I’ve got a GREAT couch.  I’ve got a sectional that I can move around and make different sizes, but the best thing about it,is that it is super deep.  You can actually sleep two people together on this couch if you wanted to.”

Interviewer: “What are some of the other tips you can provide?”

Angie: “One of the big things is with the dinners, you need to find out what your clients are allergic to, or if they are on a special kind of diet.  One of the things that Korey made clear was that he wanted to cut down on his carbs, so I made sure he had a high protein meal. One little side thing about that, you must make sure that you have a lot of snacks in the pantry because you'll find that your guest like to get up in the middle of night and nibble on a lot of different snacks. So that is just a little side tip.”

Interviewer: “Have your every heard or seen anything like your C&D before?”

Angie: “That is funny you ask because I have seen something called ‘Couchsurfing’.  I think there is an actual website on it too.  But I prefer C&D, it sounds more welcoming.”

Interviewer: “That's fantastic Angie.  Really appreciate your time and wish you much success with your C&D Business.”