The Best Time To Buy A Home Is Now!



The Best Time to Buy A Home Nationally, the best time to buy a home is the week of September 25 – October 1. Though it is not back to pre-pandemic levels, active listing inventory has recovered significantly both year-over-year and compared to the beginning of the year so far in 2022. Is the housing market back to normal? As buying continued to get more expensive, some buyers chose to put off a home purchase for the time being, which allowed for inventory to begin its recovery. Moreover, despite falling below year-ago levels in summer, new listings continue to enter the market, with over 100,000 new listings every week since late February. Why the End of September? With a peak market pace of just 31 days in May, based on seasonal trends and a cooling market, the Best Week is expected to add about a week to the amount of time a typical home spent on market so far this year, and more than two weeks more time on market than the peak this May.