$726,200 Is The New Conforming Loan Limit


$726,200 is The New Loan Limit for 2023; High Cost Counties Now Over $1m. $726,200 is the base amount. Higher cost areas have access to higher limits based on the average home prices in that area. The highest tier is $1,089,300 (base loan limit x 1.5). In situations where home prices fall, the limit does not fall, but it will not rise again until home prices move back above the levels associated with the previous limit.   The limit would remain at $700k year after year (even if prices were rising) until prices got back above $700k. The limit goes into effect for loans acquired by the GSEs in 2023. That typically means lenders can apply the limits immediately since it takes at least a month for a new loan to be 'delivered' to the GSEs.