7 Housing Market Predictions For 2023



7 Housing Market Predictions for 2023


7 Housing Market Predictions for 2023. When the weather cools for winter, the housing market often does too. We asked real estate experts and economists to share their predictions. Prediction 1: Home price cooling will continue until the spring selling season picks up. Prediction 2: Seller concessions are making a comeback — and sellers are now far more willing now to lower their prices Prediction 3: Buyers will have more choices and more time to make decisions Prediction 4: But overall, low inventory issues still remain Prediction 5: The housing market doesn’t appear at serious risk of total meltdown Prediction 6: Home price appreciation could be close to zero — and there is a ‘small chance’ mortgage rates could go lower Prediction 7: Barring an unexpected event, don’t expect much change in the next month.